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﷯Paul Vega “Although my eyes sprung open during my college days at Cal Poly, an advanced education arrived in heaps when I served as an executive officer at a large Internet solutions company. It was the dotcom days and like microwave popcorn, it was a hot, fast and explosive brand of business. We grew and grew and grew...from 12 people to over 200 in twelve months. Then the bag burst." "In those years, and the ones that followed, I’ve enjoyed the fortune of guiding teams of strategic, creative, and technical experts to successful solutions for a wide variety of public and private organizations, including Microsoft, HP, Gallo, the State of California, the City of Sacramento, UC Davis, Cal EPA, SMUD, and many more. Some of my proudest work has come from partnering closely with small business owners, delivering what I've learned from larger engagements." "In the process, I've learned a ton about business, as much about people, and have arrived at a happy conclusion about myself. Quite simply, I love what I do, where I work, and the people I serve. It’s great fuel for a challenging occupation.”